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The Settlers Online


20.10.2017 Send us a postcard: Seventh winner!

Dear settlers,

Our seventh winner, German player Schwafel, sent us a postcard from somewhere you might not expect: his home server of "Wildblumental" inside The Settlers Online!


Why do you need to travel to distant, exotic locations when you have one right at comforts of your very own home!? Check out Schwafel's postcard in our forums

Happy settling!

19.10.2017 Ask Me Anything: More Answers

Dear players,

Learn about the team's approach to fixing issues, why generals don't receive promotions and much more in our latest batch of AMA answers! 

We also touch on some funny Support stories and reveal the highest level our team members have achieved. Read everything in our forum

Have fun!
The Settlers Online Team

19.10.2017 Dev Diary: Halloween Event

Settlers, beware!

Update: the Event has been extended by two days! New Removal phase: Nov. 9th

A spooktacular Halloween Event is makings its way to the game. Zombies, ghosts, and golems will soon take over your island! Are you prepared to face them?

Don't fret, grab some garlic and check out all details in our Halloween Dev Diary.

Witch-ing you a great event!

13.10.2017 Send us a postcard: Sixth winner!

Dear settlers,

Our sixth winner, German player jave22 sent us a postcard of a special encounter with one of our favourite TSO characters, all the way in Mallorca!


I wonder what they discussed at this stone table - future expedition plans maybe? Check out jave22's postcard in our forums

Happy exploring!

13.10.2017 Community Meeting in Düsseldorf

Dear adventurers,

Following up on our Gamescom meetings, a truly special "Community day" is in the works. On Friday the 13th, 12 audacious Settlers are invited to embark on an uncanny adventure in our "Hoffice" in Düsseldorf.

Hoffice Exploration in DüsseldorfThe adventure awaits us

These brave Settlers are in for a surprise as we introduce exclusive content, but you will not be left out: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates. 

Enjoy the experience,

09.10.2017 Paysafecard Promotion

Dear Settlers,

Together with our partner Paysafecard, we offer you a special opportunity during October to get coveted Gems for The Settlers Online.

Starting October 9th until October 22nd 2017, you will find a special package in our Gem shop that comes with an exclusive 50% Gem bonus.

Each player can purchase this package once.

Paysafecard 50% more GemsEnjoy your shopping tour and have fun spending the Gems!

Your “The Settlers Online" Team

06.10.2017 Sneak Peek: Christmas Event 2017

Dear players,

We're not even halfway through autumn, but our developers have already envisioned the first features of the Christmas Event 2017 - among those, a brand new specialist! 

I see... I think I see Santa's wife?!

Take part in our Sneak Peek mini-puzzle to find out who the new specialist is and test the first version of the Christmas event on our public test server!

Happy testing! 

02.10.2017 Change Log - 10.10.2017

Dear Settlers,

Not only does the new game update bring various graphics and general adjustments, but the Halloween event will also be technically implemented in the game.

The new game version will be made available on 10.10.2017 and the Halloween event will be activated worldwide on October 17th! Read all about it in our latest Change Log.

Happy Settling!

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