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The Settlers Online


09.12.2016 Guild Market Community Vote

Dear Settlers,

it took us a bit longer than usual, but now the wait is over: The vote for the items that'll make it into the next Guild Market iteration (approx. Feburary 2017) starts today between 15:30 and 16:30 (CET).

Guild Market Vote

Please check the forum for further details.

Happy settling!

02.12.2016 How to create a new building

Dear Settlers,

Ever wondered how our graphic design team starts to draw new buildings? This image might be an answer to this question. It shows how our art experts Paul and Ruslan created the Improved Deerstalker hut. Of course, this is only one step out of many that led to the final design.


Drawing to buildingEnlarge / Show al

Be like Paul and Ruslan. Create awesomeness! 
The creative section is waiting for you...

Have fun Settling!
Your "The Settlers Online" team

30.11.2016 Dev Diary: Christmas Event 2016

Dear Settlers,

Three new generals from Anteria were introduced already on the test server. Details about their special skills and traits can now be read in the brand new Dev Diary.

Anslem - Calls down lightning when grumpy
Get him or one of the other two new Anteria generals in the event calendar!

Settlers Online Winter time

Get a hot drink, some cookies and enjoy winter time!

Read the shiny new Christmas event Dev Diary and look out for the blue colored parts to find all changes and new content compared to last year.

Enjoy reading!

26.11.2016 Cake Day Celebration

Dear settlers,

Whether you prefer Bolo de Brigadeiro or if you're a big fan of Rocambole de Doce de Leite, today we're all celebrating grandma's sweet treats in their dazzling variety!

Cannot keep calm, it's Cake Day!

What is your favorite type of cake and which of your fellow Settlers deserves a slice of it? Join the cake party in the forum!

Happy Cake Day!

20.11.2016 Happy November 20th

Dear players,

All Settlers of your kingdom made a lot of preparations to celebrate today's occasion. Enjoy gatherings with family and friends. A special gift has been sent in-game.

Some gifts!

Happy Settling!

04.11.2016 Test Three New Generals

Dear Settlers!

With the Christmas Event in December, new generals will become available. One of three can be acquired by opening a Christmas event calendar door.


New KOA Generals with special Talents
Open large image

Check out all three of them on They are available at the Merchant for testing purposes. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback about them in the test server forum.

Happy testing!

01.11.2016 Dev Blog: Excelsior

Dear Settlers,

In his latest Dev Blog entry, BB_Alex (Game Design) reveals how Excelsior came into being, why its color scheme hasn't been changed and what future plans look like.

Dev Blog

Did you know that the first design document for Excelsior was created in 2014?
Find out more interesting details in our forum!


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