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The Settlers Online


26.04.2017 Easter Event Feedback

Dear mayors,

The party crashers have finally left the island and your settlers are already hard at work to increase the prestige of your newly built University. We are still looking for your feedback on your Easter experience, so join us in the forums!

FeedbackA proud well of knowledge where once mischief has occurred

We are looking forward to reading your feedback!

21.04.2017 Tiradentes Day

Dear players,

All Settlers of your kingdom made a lot of preparations to celebrate today's occasion. Enjoy gatherings with family and friends. A special gift has been sent in-game.

Some gifts!

Happy Settling!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

16.04.2017 Happy Easter

Dear Egg Hunters,

As the dawn breaks on Easter Sunday, your Settlers start searching for the Stripy eggs that are spread all over your home island. To their surprise, they come upon a hidden gift that was left by the Easter Bunny. 

Easter giftsCheck your in-game mail and enjoy!

Happy Easter to you, your family and friends!

07.04.2017 Forum Spotlight: Easter Special

Dear Egg Hunters,

Easter baskets, bunnies and coloured eggs may already be testing your artistic skills, so why not share your creations with us for a chance to win tempting rewards, such as a Floating residence, a Premium Day, Stripy Eggs, Crystals and Gems?

Click here to access the full image

Eggcited enough? Read all about this special edition of the Spotlight on our forums.

Have fun!

27.03.2017 Dev Diary: Easter Event 2017

Dear Settlers,

It is a well known fact that Dev Diaries are Rabbids' favorite food. All hard work would have gone in a byte had it not been for the Courageous explorer bringing it back! Let's meet this brave woman and the rest of the new features from this year's Event!

  • The Courageous Explorer: A specialist that excels in treasure searches

Party Crashers & Courageous Explorer

  • The Settlers University: Easter 2017 Achievement building
  • Improved Mill: New building in the in-game merchat, amongst other new offers
  • New decorations and many other improvements based on your feedback

Take a look at the Dev Diary and keep an eye on the hungry Rabbids!

Happy egg-hunting!

14.03.2017 Ask Me Anything!

Dear settlers,

On March 15th, our team will run a 2 day Ask Me Anything session. All questions are welcome: you ask, we answer and reward you with 250 gems!

Got questions?

Read the full announcement in our > forums < and AMA > here <.

Have fun!
The Settlers Online Team

12.03.2017 Check your email address

Dear Settlers, 

From time to time newsletters with voucher codes are sent. To make sure you'll receive these mails, please double-check your email and subscription status.
Read this FAQ entry for more information on how to do so. 

Check your mail address

All players with an invalid email address in our database (we tried to send you an email and it came back or similar) will receive a message in the game shortly.

Happy Settling!
Your "The Settlers Online" team

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