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The Settlers Online


27.05.2016 Happy Biscuit Day!

Dear Settlers,

Did you know Biscuit Day is celebrated on May 29th? This makes for a perfect opportunity to share this very special cookie recipe and make your weekend sweeter.

Happy Biscuit Day!Use on player to increase gaming speed

Designed to power up TSO players, generations of Settlers have kept this recipe safe and the Ravings Rabbids experimented to improve it in order for it to reach you.

Read the full recipe on our forum and suggest your own!

Happy Baking!

25.05.2016 Crisis Quests: Your opinions

Dear Settlers,

How are the Crisis Quests going? Are you guys still producing or did you already claim the rewards? What do you think about the quests?

Share your opinion on the forum and we will do our best to improve future events!

Happy settling!

20.05.2016 Dev Diary: Crisis Quest

Dear Settlers,
You are about to face "A Great Evil" in the new Crisis Quest Chain.

  • When: Monday, May 23rd
  • What: Crisis Quest Chain: A Great Evil
  • Who: Levels 16-75

You have 1 week to complete the quest and get buildings, Gems and more!
Read the Dev Diary on our forum.

Happy Questing!

13.05.2016 Dev Blog: The Pathfinder & New Content

Dear Settlers,

BB_Alex (Game Design Team) provides the next Dev Blog as a response to the recent feedback received, explaining background information and development decisions.

Dev BlogNew information on future development plans is also revealed.
Read the complete entry on our forums.


06.05.2016 The Pathfinder - Dev Diary

Dear Settlers,

Ship Ahoy! The story of Captain Mapparan continues.

"The Pathfinder"

His ship, "The Pathfinder", will be yours if you reach level 70 and complete "The Good Captain Part 10".  It provides weekly tasks and the chance for considerable plunder.

Did we spark your interest? Read the Dev Diary on our forums.


29.04.2016 Dev Blog: Treasure Search

Dear Settlers,

BB_Alex (Gamedesign team) provides the next Dev Blog: As announced a few weeks back, it explains the Treasure Search during events in more detail.

Dev Blog

It also answers the question why sometimes, even though an event has not ended and Explorers returend in time, no event resources are included in the loot.
Read the complete entry on our forums.


22.04.2016 Happy Earth Day!

Dear Settlers,

Woodcutters are asleep all throughout the island, Recycling Manufactories are working overtime and your settlers are spending the day outside planting trees.

Happy Earth Day!
Take the time to enjoy nature on this wonderful spring day!

Happy Recycling!

21.04.2016 Tiradentes Day

Dear players,

All Settlers of your kingdom made a lot of preparations to celebrate today's occasion. Enjoy gatherings with family and friends. A special gift has been sent in-game.

Some gifts!

Happy Settling!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

14.04.2016 Summer Event: Sneak Peek

Dear Settlers,

It's time for football! Once more, your island's Settlers get the opportunity to compete in a big football tournament.


The first version of this year's Summer event is planned to be deployed on the international test server in the coming days. Read more about it in the Sneak Peek posted on our forums and learn more about this new building:

Footie Field

Happy Settling,

08.04.2016 Treasure Boost: Granite

Dear Settlers!

Occasionally, Treasure searches ending shortly before the start of Easter's Removal Phase I did not return eggs. This is subject to change before the Christmas Event. Meanwhile, we'd like to make up for the inconvenience with an Explorer Week!

Explorer Granite WeekTreasure Boost: Granite
Saturday, April 9th (00:01 GMT) to Friday, April 15th (23:59 GMT)

Explorers who find Granite on their Treasure searches will deliver double the usual amount. This bonus applies if you login to receive your Explorers whilst the Event is active.

Coming Soon

Dev BlogA new Dev Blog is planned between April 11th and 22nd

  • Details about blocking grid changes
  • Blocking before and after recent map changes
  • Treasure searches with event resources:
    Game mechanics,  challenges, planned improvements

Have a great weekend and happy settling!

08.04.2016 International Spotlight: Kaventsmann

Dear Settlers,

a long time ago Kaventsmann provided Settlers worldwide the first version of his combat simulator. Five years later, it's version 2.0 is available in 18 languages, provides many features and covers almost all adventures. Impressive!

Combat Simulator by KaventsmannHave a look at the simulator > here <

Thanks once more for his restless effort!

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