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The Settlers Online


27.09.2016 Game update / Hotfix [Completed]

Dear Settlers,

a game update will be conducted tomorrow, September 28th.

Game Update

  • Day: Wednesday, September 28th
  • Game world: Closed
  • Start: Approx. 08:00 CEST
  • End: Approx. 12:00 CEST
  • Adventures & Premium: Times will be extended

A change log has been posted > here. <


23.09.2016 Tell Excelsior's tale Event

Tell an Excelsior Story


Dear Settlers,

The Excelsior has traveled to destinations far away from anything your Settlers have ever even heard of. We want YOU to write about her adventures!

Write a short story about Captain Graham and one of her adventures with the Excelsior. The best story will be implemented in the game! Of course, there will be other precious rewards as well.

The event will be held in English and German. Visit the forums for more information:

We are looking forward to seeing players from all over the world sending us their stories! For us to be able to read all stories, we have to ask that they are submitted in English or German.

Happy writing!

16.09.2016 Can you help us forge the truth?

Dear cryptographers,

Over the following three days, keep an investigative eye on our Facebook page for cryptic clues. These shrouded signs each point to a mysterious event looming on the horizon. What could this possibly all mean?

The truth is out thereThe riddles will be available in English and German

Prepare your magnifying glass and follow the hints to break the enigma!

Detectives, this way!

16.09.2016 Letter Writing Spotlight: Jcuzzuol

Dear Settlers,

The letters kept coming and the contest was very close. The entries were as good as we've imagined it would be, but one stood out among the rest. This letter was written by our very own, inspired, Jcuzzuol: 

Forum SpotlightThe forum post can be found > here <


12.09.2016 Excelsior - Dev Diary

Excelsior HeaderDear Settlers,

Sonya Graham and her "Excelsior" are on their way to your islands!
The latest Dev Diary will explain the new features around the Forge of Truth:

  • Crystals, a new Resource
  • New adventure type called "Ventures"
  • Epic Raid "The Evil Queen" Venture campaign
  • Daily quest and daily login bonus changes
  • Lot's of new buildings & more

Read the Dev Diary > here <.

Enjoy this new feature that will be deployed mid to end of September! Keep an eye on the game update news for the exact date and time.


12.09.2016 First Aid Day - Thank You!

Dear Island Mayors,

It’s been a long and arduous weekend, but thanks to your help the general was able to find all the missing medipacks! With so many volunteers willing to help, the general has been kind enough to draw a map with the locations of the 40 medipacks:

Click the picture above for the map!

Did you find them all? Which ones did you miss? We’d love to hear your feedback about the medipack hunt, so don’t forget to leave a comment over in the forum!

Thanks again for helping with the search!

31.08.2016 Gamescom Recap 2016

gamescom 2013

Dear Settlers!

gamescom 2016 ended and we'd like to say many thanks to... You!

Without you, our players and fans, the gamescom wouldn't have been half as successful and interesting as it was this year again.

Community Day
Community Day - Sunday

We are really proud to have such a devoted Community - THANK YOU!

Have a look at this forum post for more pictures!


18.08.2016 Halloween Event 2016 - Sneak Peek

Dear Settlers!

Not one, not two... Not three, but four Golems are awaiting you in the upcoming 2016 edition of the Halloween event! Look at this beauty, the "Supreme Golem":

Supreme Golem

Of course there are many more new things to be discovered!
Find out more about this year's event in the Sneak Peek.


12.08.2016 gamescom 2016

Dear Settlers!

gamescom 2016 is starting next week. We invite all Settlers to visit us in the Ubisoft lounge! You can find it in the same spot as last year's booth in hall 6.1 (corridor C).

gamescom 2016

The Ubisoft Lounge is located close to Ubisoft's main stage. We are looking forward to meeting you: Our Community Team and Game Designers are ready for some rounds of Q&A and will present the latest "Excelsior" feature in detail.

Just a few of the Settlers fans who visited us @gamescom

You can find the schedule and more details on our forum.

Have fun @gamescom!

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